Tiffany & Co. - #KnotOnMyPlanet
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Tiffany & Co.

About This Project

As part of our commitment to sustainability, and as a member of the U.S. World Wildlife Trafficking Alliance,
Tiffany & Co. is proud to support the Elephant Crisis Fund’s #knotonmyplanet campaign. An elephant may never forget,
but as 30,000 are killed each year for ivory, we are tying a knot to remember.

A critical goal of the campaign is to raise awareness of this important issue, so beginning September 9th Tiffany will
use its social media platforms to feature some of our best known friends of the house donning a knot and an
archival-inspired pallionО enamel and 18k gold elephant brooch, which Tiffany will donate to the cause. Part of the
Tiffany Masterpieces 2016 Collection, the brooch features gemstone eyes and pavО diamond ears – capturing
the spirited personality that is a hallmark of Jean Schlumberger creations. Tiffany is also supporting promotion of the
campaign by sponsoring a call to action in Times Square throughout the fall.

Join us. Show the elephants that you’ll never forget by tying a knot, sharing #knotonmyplanet, and donating
to the Elephant Crisis Fund at

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